6. Publications

To the Stars International Quarterly

Introducing To the Stars International Quarterly, a new free quarterly online magazine for space-interested and space-enthused people around the globe. This free publication is especially dedicated to students and teachers interested in space. (NSS website)

I have collaborated with TTSIQ on the July and October issues. My articles can be downloaded here: TTSIQ4_July2013_M13,  TTSIQ4_July2013p65TTSIQ5_October2013 (pages 70 and 71). As of September, I was both thrilled and grateful to find myself part of the Editors and Contributing Editors.

There are “billions and billions” of space facts to be learned. We don’t promise all of them, but some can be read in the whole version of TTSIQ, here: http://www.nss.org/tothestars/

La vie en nous

One of the first attempts to re-vive the school’s paper, can be read in full, here: http://issuu.com/felixbogdan/docs/la_vie_en_nous_-_martie_2012.

My contribution consisted of the Terraforming article, as well as other administrative occupations (proofreading, advising). Hopefully, another form of the school’s paper will be back this winter.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin was an attempt to inform students of upcoming contests, courses, etc. It was distributed throughout the school in May, and we hope to unite it with the upcoming school paper, this winter. It can be found here: Ziar VIANU


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