5. Teaching and Mentoring

DSC06232                    DSC06228

The Oscillating Coloring Robot (above and below left)

DSC06226                    DSC06207

Waterfall (above right and below left)

DSC06206                    DSC06204

“The Wall” (above right and below left)

DSC06203                    DSC06202

Circuits (above right)

DSC06183                    DSC06182

Building Foam Warships (above)

DSC06181                    DSC06179

Building Foam Warships (above)

DSC06177                    DSC06176

Kaleidoscope Shots (above right and below left)

DSC06173                    DSC06171

Kaleidoscope (above left and below right)

DSC06170                    DSC06168

The Rainbow treadmill (above left)

DSC06169                    DSC06165

Rainbow treadmill (above right) and Kaleidoscope shot (above right)

DSC06162                    DSC06161

Mylar blanket (above and below)

DSC06160                    DSC06159

Mylar is used in spacecrafts for thermal insulation.

DSC06158                    DSC06156

They did seem to like the Mylar blanket a lot!

390                                                             388

Density proofs + colored substances = lava lamp                            


383                                        382

Density proofs (above left) and proving fire needs oxygen to burn (above right)


379                                        376

The Coca-Cola Mentos experiment (above right)

373                                        372

Hiding a glass using different oil types (above and below)

371                                                            370

Hiding glasses in oil (above)

369                                        368

Hiding glasses in oil (above)

364                   363

Me: “Have you ever had a mentor?” A small girl, after knowing me fifteen minutes: “Yes, you!”. They were the cutest children I have ever met.                  

350                                        329

The little rocket scientist and his rocket (above left)

327                                                             325

Fan pattern experiments, with rainbows (below)

324                    320

2013-07-18 10.52.11                    2013-07-18 10.51.44

2013-07-18 10.47.25                    2013-07-18 10.47.20

2013-07-18 10.43.39                    2013-07-18 10.43.30

2013-07-17 15.23.33                    2013-07-17 15.20.58

Lenses (above right) and “Dexter’s Laboratory” (above left)

2013-07-17 14.54.27                    2013-07-17 12.36.42

Waterfall, designed and built by students (above right and below left)

2013-07-17 12.31.15                                         2013-07-16 11.45.48

Timed waterfall (above left)

2013-07-16 10.27.32                                                              2013-07-15 11.23.54

Verifying the centrifugal force (above left)


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